Easy DIY Crafts: Paper Plate Santa

Easy DIY Crafts

With Christmas just around the corner, what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to do some fun Christmas craft for kids. Given below are the instructions to make the paper plate Santa craft courtesy of artycraftykids.com

Materials required to make this craft are Paper Plate, Red, Black, White and Orange Paint, PVA Glue, Cotton Wool, White Pom-pom. Lets get started, Paint half of the paper plate a skin tone ( by mixing white with a small amount of orange or pink) and the other half a vibrant red, with a curve around the edge of the paper plate to create a ‘hat’ shape.

Add a big red nose with the red paint. Between the border of the skin coloured paint and red, add plenty of PVA glue. Separateand thin out the cotton wool and spread along the trail of glue, leaving some space to create the appearance…

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