From Getting in Touch to Gathering Details: Customize a Contact Form in Creative Ways

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We see a lot of contact forms out in the wild: they’re an effective way for your readers to get in touch with you privately, and also for you to generate leads. When you add a contact form to your site, it displays four predefined fields: name, email, website, and comment. But you can do much more with this form — let’s take a look at how some businesses and freelancers use it.

Ask questions to gather client details

Add a contact form: When editing a page or post, click +Add, then Contact form.

Roses & Mint is a wedding florist run by Kira Mulvany in the St. Louis, Missouri, area. On Kira’s Check Your Date page, prospective clients can inquire about availability and pricing.

Kira uses the “Text” Field Type to insert additional fields that collect details about a couple’s wedding date, venue, color palette, and…

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