Easy DIY Crafts: Mason Jar Lid Snowman

Easy DIY Crafts

This is a cute and unique holiday craft that is sure to be a conversation piece. Part rustic, part modern, it’s definitely different from any Christmas decor you can buy in a store. Given below are the instructions to make this craft courtesy of craftsbyamanda.com

Materials required to make this craft are mason jar lid bands, regular size mason jar lid(without band), white spray paint, black spray paint, hot glue gun, twine or string, buttons, mini wreath or other decorations for the hat (optional) and a strip of felt for the scarf.

First, spray paint your mason jar lid bands and lids. You will need at least 24 white bands if you choose to make each “ball” with 12 bands and choose to make only two. For a fuller snowman, add a few more bands at each level. For the black hat, you will need to paint the wider lid…

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