Easy DIY craft: Tissue paper flower Valentine’s Day wreath

Easy DIY Crafts

This beautiful tissue paper flower Valentine’s Day wreath is deceptively simple to make! This easy paper craft is perfect for Valentine’s Day decor or for a Valentine’s Day party. Given below are the steps courtesy of heyletsmakestuff.com

Materials needed are Heart-shaped foam wreath form, Straight pin, Several colors of pink tissue paper, Scalloped-edge paper punch

Start by cutting out your tissue paper using the punch. Each flower has eight layers of paper. Use four colors, two of each in each flower.

Start with a stack of eight tissue paper circles and pin directly into the wreath.

Then fluff each individual layer until you’ve made your flower.

That’s it! Continue making those flowers all the way around the wreath form. Do it on the front and sides. Pack the flowers pretty tightly.

Add a ribbon for hanging on the back (Use four additional straight pins to secure it) and you’re done!

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