Four children among 18 killed in Sudanese military plane crash By Hamdi Alkhshali and Mia Alberti, CNN Jan 3, 2020.


(CNN) – Four children were among those killed after a military plane crashed a few minutes after takeoff in the Sudanese town of El Geneina, a military spokesman said according to a state media outlet.

The aircraft carrying 18 people, including seven crew members, crashed five minutes after it left the airport on Thursday killing everyone on board, Brigadier Amer Muhammad al-Hassan, said in a statement Thursday according to state news SUNA.

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“An Antonov military plane crashed Thursday evening five minutes after it took off from El Geneina Airport, which led to the death of all its crew — seven officers — in addition to three judges and eight citizens among them are four children,” al-Hassan said in the statement according to state news SUNA.

The military spokesman said an investigation is underway to find out the cause of the accident.
A UN Sudan spokesperson…

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