Body of missing mother Heidi Broussard recovered in Houston-area home. A baby was found alive By Dakin Andone, Melissa Alonso and Amir Vera, CNN Updated Dec 21, 2019.


(CNN) – The body of a woman found in a Houston-area home has been identified as missing Austin, Texas, mother Heidi Broussard, officials said Friday.
The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences said she had been strangled in the trunk of a vehicle.

Investigators also found a baby girl believed to be Broussard’s daughter Margot Carey, who was reported missing along with her mother on December 12, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley told reporters. The baby is alive and healthy.
Police are waiting for DNA testing to confirm the infant is Margot, Manley said.

One person has been arrested and faces two charges of kidnapping and one charge of tampering with a corpse, Manley said. Police wouldn’t name the person in custody, but said bond was set at $600,000.
More charges may be filed as the investigation progresses, Manley said.
“Although we are grateful that it appears as though we…

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