Star Wars’ Rise of the Resistance ride now open to the public Text by David G. Allan with video by Kelly Marshall Smoot and Diana Diory, CNN Dec 6, 2019.


Editor’s Note: David G. Allan is the Editorial Director for Features at CNN and has nurtured a lifelong devotion of Star Wars that he has carefully indoctrinated in his children, one of whom he brought to opening day of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.
Resistance base, Batuu, Outer Rim (aka Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Hollywood Studios, Orlando, Florida) (CNN) – Whatever your sympathies to the rebellion or your level of Star Wars acumen, you’re rebel scum now.

That’s your fate once you enter the most ambitious interactive attraction in Disney theme park history — Rise of the Resistance — which opens in Walt Disney World Resort’s Hollywood Studios today.
For Star Wars fans these days, as Yoda might say, runneth over our cup does.
Earlier this year, both Disney parks in the United States opened a twin pair of ambitiously immersive lands (Galaxy’s Edge, aka the planet of Batuu). In November…

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