Lauched! Original Aspire AVP Pro 16W 1200mAh Pod Kit via /r/ecig_vendors

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Lauched! Original Aspire AVP Pro 16W 1200mAh Pod Kit

Hi, guys! Welcome to New Product Introduction! I have a question: do you need a Pod Kit at present? Today let me introduce you one pod kit named Original Aspire AVP Pro 16W 1200mAh Pod Kit. Now let’s take a closer look at the pod kit below.

Refined and improved to advance the world-class styling and performance of the original AVP, with sleek and eye-catching looks, teamed with precision technical improvements. Easily utilized through an auto-draw firing system, which simply requires you to inhale to experience smooth and flavor-rich vapor production, the AVP Pro also benefits from a simple single-button variable wattage interface, for true custom vaping enjoyment. The AVP Pro is powered by 1200mAh Built-in Battery with 16W max output power and comes with pod capacity of 4.0ml. The AVP Pro is designed for the long…

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