Easy DIY craft: Paper Cup Bell

Easy DIY Crafts

A paper cup Christmas bell is easy to make! Use this shining bell as a Christmas decoration or use it as a working musical instrument for performances and class activities. Given below are the instructions to make this craft courtesy of firstpalette.com. The Supplies you need for the same are Paper cup, Pipe cleaner, Big bead, Jingle bell, Satin ribbon, Poster paint or acrylic paint, Paint brush, Glitter, Scissors.

Use a pencil to punch a small center hole at the bottom of a paper cup.

Now the paper cup is painted with tempera or poster paint. Add little or no water to the paint. If your cup has a glossy or waxy finish, use acrylic paint. You can paint your paper cup gold, silver or bronze. For a Christmas bell, you can go for a red or green-colored bell.

For added sparkle, sprinkle some glitter while the paint is…

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