Pedal power for Heroes


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Pedal power for Heroes

Oct 08. 2019
By The Nation

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Thai organizer of exhibitions and event NEO has announced that it is working with Italian brand Hero to bring one of Europe’s most recognised mountain bike races to Thailand.

Racing cyclists from across Asia will be able experience the MTB competition “Hero Thailand 2020” certified by Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) in Chiang Rai from October 8-11, 2020. The aim is to open an opportunity for Thai cyclists to join the international competition before moving up to other world champion races while supporting the economy of Chiang Rai and promoting sports tourism.

“The investment with ASD Hero Company to host Hero Thailand 2020 is one of NEO’s missions and we are delighted to be joining with new alliances to organize events in the country so that Thais can experience…

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