Neilson Hays literature festival celebrates library’s 150 years


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Neilson Hays literature festival celebrates library’s 150 years

Oct 08. 2019
By The Nation

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The Neilson Hays Library, in collaboration with the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture (OCAC), is organising Bangkok’s first international literature festival to celebrate its 150th anniversary.

The Nelson Hays Bangkok Literature Festival aims to connect curious minds with inspiring literary voices to ignite imaginations, foster connections, and invite critical investigations of Asia’s place in the world. It will feature more than 30 renowned Thai and international writers from around the world, including Adam Johnson, winner of the two most prestigious literary awards in the US, Melissa Lucashenko, one of Australia’s top writers of contemporary fiction, and Mike Curato, the author-illustrator of the award-winning “Little Elliot” series of picture books.

The public can participate in insightful talks, panel discussions, and poetry readings.


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